La cascade

Welcome to Nazmi's intersite!

If your pc's crap you probably won't see the waterfall with the projects drifting through the flow

Welcome to the site of a son of the Web and of the classical western culture. I try to contribute as much as possible on the comprehension of this mystery that is the human experience, on reducing suffering and on solving the problems of this world and the others that we are facing currently.

This led me to study:

You'll find here my various projects and creations, the goal is to create a catalog of this projects, inventions and ideas, that'll evolve through time, and also to promote various things that I find interesting.

You can find an archived version of this site on Freenet, ZeroNet and soon on IPFS. Please keep copies, Sharing is caring!


I'm an IT consultant in the region of Le Havre, France doing repairs and set-up in home, industry and business environment as well as web-development.

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